St Mary's Church of England Primary School

Home Learning- week beginning 18/5/20


To support your learning of our new under the sea topic we are starting by looking at the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’. Below are some different ideas of activities you may wish to complete. Remember to email any work or learning you do and lessons for English and Maths continue to be via google classroom.


  • Find a box and create an ocean scene.
  • Create a rock pool using different materials- can you explore different measurements (ml/litres) and become confident with capacity.
  • Use different materials to create a sea using different blues and greens for seaweed (pillow cases, scarfs, cleaning cloths, sheets etc) . Can you explain why you have chosen the particular materials, describe the material properties and describe your sea using adjectives?
  • Create a poem thinking about your senses-what would you hear, see, smell, taste or touch at a seaside
  • Draw, paint or create different sea creatures and collect as many different adjectives as you can to describe them.
  • Explore reflective, shiny or holographic materials like rainbow fish’s sparkly scales
  • Create a scientific experiment on materials that float or sink or you may want to carry out an experiment to find the best material that is waterproof.
  • Build a submarine. Consider the different 3D shapes you will need/use. Can you describe their properties (vertices, faces, edges).
  • Make a rainbow fish collage
  • Explore printing or creating scales using materials and textures
  • Make or use a bubble mixture and have fun blowing bubbles!