St Mary's Church of England Primary School

VE Day Celebrations



This Friday lots of families will come together at home to celebrate the end of World War 2. Therefore this week we would like you to use your fantastic creative skills to make and decorate lots of different things. Here are some ideas you may wish to do this week!


  • Learn all about VE day through the powerpoint slides and have a go at some of the activities suggested.
  • Research and learn about the following and then create your own versions of ration books, war time recipes (we love to see you cooking/baking), anderson shelters, war time posters and learn to sing the song ‘We’ll meet again’ by Vera Lynn.
  • Complete any of the activities below which include designing your own medal, tea cup or bunting, a wordsearch, make a paper spitfire or enjoy colouring in different activity sheets.

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again (Lyrics)

Lyric video for 'We'll Meet Again' by Vera Lynn. I love this song. :)