St Mary's Church of England Primary School

Wraparound Care

We recognise that wraparound care is important to the families at St Mary's and are committed to seeing an onsite provision to support parents and carers as long as it remains commercially viable i.e. costs are covered by income.


Breakfast club starts at 7.30am and after school club finishes at 5.30pm. Children are offered a choice of cereals, toast and / or fruit for breakfast. A light tea is offered at the after school provision.


Accessing the online booking system

The online booking system can be accessed using this link. Parents will need to register an account in order to make any future bookings for wraparound care.


Types of bookings

What is it?A set weekly booking pattern that rolls on indefinitely and provides guaranteed availability for those sessions booked.Individual dates, subject to availability at the time of booking, with no ongoing commitment.
Payment termsPayment is due in advance, on the 1 st of each month, for all sessions within that month.Payment is due at the time of booking.
Cancellation terms1 month’s notice to reduce or cancel a booking pattern. Cancellations of individual dates are not eligible for credit or refund.10 working days’ notice to receive a credit or refund for any ad-hoc session(s) cancelled.


Booking windows

Sessions can be booked up until midnight, the night before they are due to take place. To ensure the accuracy of registers, it is not possible to make ‘same day’ bookings.


For ad-hoc bookings, sessions can be booked as far as 6 weeks ahead of today’s date. This
cut-off does not apply to permanent bookings, which guarantee regular sessions indefinitely.


Paying via Card

Parents will register one (or more) payment cards as part of their online registration (and nominate
their preferred ‘default’ card). Registered cards can then be used to pay for any future bookings.


Paying via the Government Tax-Free Childcare scheme or Childcare Vouchers

Parents can pay via the Government Tax-Free Childcare scheme or their Childcare Voucher provider.
We are currently registered with the following CCV providers: Care 4, Computershare, Edenred,
Fideliti, Kiddivouchers, Reward Gateway, Sodexo.
Parents should simply process a CCV or Gov TFC payment and, once it reaches us, this will be
credited to their online Account Balance. The Account balance can then be used as a payment
method for future bookings:


Permanent Bookings – Parents should allow 4 days for payments to reach us. Payment may
be taken from the Default Card if their Account Balance hasn’t been credited by the 1 st .


Ad-hoc bookings – Parents should send a CCV or Gov TFC payment in advance, to credit their
account balance prior to making a booking.


To avoid any processing delays, parents should provide us with their child’s unique Gov TFC
reference code in advance; or use the child’s full name as the reference for any CCV payments.


Further support

Any parents requiring further support are very welcome to contact our team via:
Email –
Phone – 0844 800 2060