St Mary's Church of England Primary School

Curriculum Update

What makes our curriculum special?

Our curriculum inspires a life-long learning journey

Develop Character, Nurture Spirituality, Appreciate Individuality


We are continuing to review and update our curriculum ensuring that each year’s knowledge builds on the next. Intertwined with the knowledge, we are including links to; the local area, cultural aspects and perspectives, relevant vocabulary to support the children’s learning. Our current focus is geography and history.


At all times we are mindful of the need to provide opportunities for the children to consolidate and memorise their learning so that they can build on their knowledge over the years. You may see throughout the year different strategies being used to help the children ‘interrupt the forgetting’. Repetition, song, practical, language activities and art links are a few that have already been introduced in different year groups.


All our learning is underpinned by our bible text

‘…therefore, encourage one another and build each other up’.